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Your Perfect Logbooks

If you were going to create your very own perfect logbooks, what would you create?

Logoed Front Covers: You’d want your logbook to have your logo on it and your mission statement or corporate philosophy.This would show all your crewmembers that you were a top notch company that took its vessels very seriously.

Checklists for Safety: You’d have a page or two of thorough checklists for your captains and pilots to use as reminders on your vessels.These checklists would even be specific to your vessels and not the typical boiler plate lists that often get ignored because everyone is so used to seeing them.

Pages for Critical Information: You would probably include a page of important names and phones numbers for your captains and pilots.This would give them fast access to this information in the event of an emergency.

Charts and Maps: You might want to include a map or chart of your main operating areas so your crewmembers would have these locations readily available to them.

Coast Guard Regulations: It would be smart to have the actual Coast Guard regulation at the front of your logbook so your team members could read the regulation and know why they were required to keep accurate logs.This would help train your captains and pilots.

Automatic Delivery of Your Logbooks: Once you designed your perfect logbooks, you’d want to have them automatically delivered directly to you when you needed them.This would save you storage space and help you avoid having to warehouse logbooks that then get old and worn just sitting on the shelf for months before they are used.

Congratulations! You just designed your very own Platinum Logbook. All of our logbooks are available as highly customizable logbooks through our Platinum Logbook Service (PLS) membership.Your PLS membership allows you to customize and brand the cover of each logbook, and insert up to three pages of totally customized text which can include safety checklists, reminder sheets, important names and phone numbers, measurement tables, charts, maps or anything else you want your crewmembers to have available to them in their logbooks.Your PLS membership also includes automatic delivery of your logbooks so you won’t have to remember to reorder before your last set of logs run out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your PLS Membership

Is this program for everyone? No.If you only need a few logbooks, we don’t recommend you use our PLS membership. A PLS membership is for growing and established companies that want to invest a little more into premium logbooks to show their crewmembers that they are top in the industry.

Do you have a PLS membership for every logbook you make? Yes.All of our logbooks are available under our PLS membership.

How long do I have to commit for under the PLS membership? There is no commitment requirement under the PLS membership.We do recommend that you allow the custom logs to be used for at least a year to see how your crew responds to the logbooks.Your crewmembers are likely to come up with great ideas on what could be included on the custom pages of your logbooks, but this may take a few months before they express these ideas to you.

Can I change my cover logo, mission statement or customized pages after I make my first order? Absolutely. As a PLS member you can update and change your logbooks (each type) once every year without any charge at all to you. And we encourage you to update or modify your customized pages to best suit your vessel needs at that time. After your free yearly updates to your logbooks, we are happy to change your cover or customized pages as many times as you would like beyond that for a log adjustment cost of $19.97 per logbook type.

What if I don’t like my logbooks under the PLS membership when they arrive? Our Risk Free Guarantee applies to ALL our logbooks including our PLS logbooks. If you're not completely thrilled with your logbooks when they arrive, just ship them back to us at our shipping cost for a full credit. It is absolutely risk free for you!

Far from ordinary non-compliant ledger books which typically are missing key information required by the CFRs, our Platinum Logbooks have the entries for the required information...So to recap, you'll get:

  • Professional cover with your company logo, colors and mission statement/tagline
  • Reoccurring company and/or vessel information in the appropriate entries
  • 3 custom, branded interior pages (checklists, important phone numbers, safety tips, etc.)
  • Personal one-on-one consultation with our customer service rep about your logbook needs

Your boat proudly bears your company’s name and colors. Shouldn’t the logbooks that your key crewmembers use every day convey that same pride and professionalism?

Call our office for pricing and more details: (888) 229-5857.