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Ballast Water Record Book (Platinum)

Item #: BK-110-P
Price: $35.97
  • Professional cover with your company logo, colors and mission statement/tagline
  • Reoccurring company and/or vessel information in the appropriate entries
  • 3 custom, branded interior pages (checklists, important phone numbers, safety tips, etc.)
  • Personal one-on-one consultation with our customer service rep about your logbook needs
  • For U.S. and foreign ships with Ballast Tanks
  • 64 pgs.
  • Complies with 33 CFR Part 151, Subparts C & D


This logbook is for all U.S. and Foreign Vessels Equipped with Ballast Tanks operating in United States Waters. It complies with 33 CFR Part 151, Subparts C & D as well as IMO Resolution A.868(20), Appendix1.

The introduction of the logbook includes information on Ballast Water Management and the history of its implementation in addition to IMO’s guidelines.

Copyright 1999.