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“When I owned and operated several vessels, I searched high and low for vessel logs that would help me run my boats. I knew I wanted more than the industry basics, which were often spiral bound notebooks or journals that often wouldn’t pass Coast guard inspections.My captains needed to know exactly what information the Coast Guard required, how often it had to be documented, and in what format. I created my own series of vessel logbooks to run my vessels better and solve my headaches. I know my logs will do the same for you and your company!” Captain Richard Block

Captain Richard Block began work on vessels in the New York area decades ago.Over time he worked his way down to South Louisiana as he captained vessels up and down the Mississippi River and into the Gulf of Mexico. As a successful captain, he made friends in the industry and met wealthy investors. Eventually, he, along with other investors, purchased their own vessels and he began owning, managing and operating a small vessel company.

As Captain Block operated multiple vessels, he soon learned that the information one captain may consider important to log, another captain may overlook. And these were well trained, hardworking captains, but they simply were not great bookkeepers. So he decided to create fool proof logbooks that not only showed exactly what information needed to be documented, but also explained why. In this way, he trained his captains to be smart about their logs. As he made his own logbooks, others in the industry started to ask if he would create similar logs for their vessels. Over time Captain Richard Block’s logbooks became well-known in the industry by their distinct blue covers and red striping. And Captain Block regularly updates the logbooks to ensure they comply with the latest Coast Guard logbook regulations.

For more than 40 years, Captain Block’s logbooks have been making life easier for captains, pilots, engineers and other vessel crewmembers. His logs have also been helping small and large companies avoid Coast Guard fines and penalties. Each year thousands of our logbooks are used aboard vessels nationally and internationally. Let our experience benefit your crewmembers and make your company better.

In addition to creating the best vessel logbooks in the industry, Captain Block has also authored some of the most complete training guides available for the Merchant mariner courses, including Captains’ licenses. While running his own boats, Captain Block was sought after to start a training school in South Louisiana to teach merchant mariner licensing classes. He created his own textbooks for these classes which are still widely used today as some of the most complete and best training textbooks in the industry.