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For more than 40 years we have been supplying the marine industry with the best available logbooks. Each year we sell thousands of logbooks and our customers know why! Most other companies sell logbooks which are simply bound books of lined paper. These glorified spiral notebooks provide little value to your vessels and many do not meet the actual Coast Guard requirements for those logbooks aboard your vessels. Our logs were created by Captain Richard Block, a licensed captain who has owned and operated vessels for decades. Captain Block has also taught and trained mariners. Read Richard’s Story to learn what motivated him to make the best vessel logs in the industry.

More Than A Logbook

Coast Guard Regulations: Each of our logs contains an introduction providing the actual Coast Guard Regulations which apply to that logbook. This allows your captains and pilots to learn the rules and become better captains and pilots.

Detailed Forms To Be Completed: Each of our logs contains pages of a well-detailed form for that specific topic or purpose.These forms provide plenty of space for the required information to be entered by your captains and pilots.There is no guess work or leaving it to chance.Your captains and pilots know exactly what has to go into each daily form.

Safety Against Coast Guard Fines And Penalties: Our logs help safeguard you against fines and penalties from the Coast Guard. While we can't guarantee that it won't happen (because as we all know, your crew could forget or choose not to fill out the form thoroughly), you stand a better chance using our logbooks vs. a generic one that will definitely not have all the entries you're required to have. Our simple and clear forms spell out all the required log information, helping you as a supervisor aboard your vessels ensure that your captains and pilots avoid costly and time consuming Coast Guard fines and penalties.

Reminders To Order Your Next Logs: Each of our logbooks has strategically placed pages towards the end of each log which remind your captains and pilots to contact the office and order more logbooks.What a great and simple way to help you manage your crewmembers! No more last minute scrambling trying to locate another logbook when the log runs out.

Subscription Based Ordering: You can order any of our logbooks on a subscription basis whereby we will automatically mail out your next set of logbooks at the time you specify.This lets you ‘set it and forget it’ and rest assured that when the time comes to replace the logbooks on your vessels, you will have a new set delivered directly to you as a great reminder. This allows you to run your company in a proactive mode, staying ahead of your logbook needs, instead of reactively searching for a logbook to replace the last one that just ran out (sound familiar?). With our subscription based ordering, logs are one less thing for you to worry about.

Platinum Logbook Service: Through our optional Platinum Logbook Service (PLS) you can truly take your vessel company to the next level of service, management and organization. Our PLS logbooks are custom made for you including a professional cover with your company logo and mission statement. Our PLS also allows you to create several custom pages within each logbook for helpful pages such as safety reminders for your crewmember, checklists custom made for your boats, important phone numbers, names and information for every vessel and anything else you can think of that would help your captains and pilots.

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