USCG Office of the Auxiliary and Boating Safety Launches Website Re-Design

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On February 5th, the USCG’s Office of the Auxiliary and Boating Safety officially launched a re-designed Boating Safety website, providing simpler navigation for recreational boaters, safety partners and manufacturers to find necessary information.

According to Capt. F. Thomas Boross, Chief of the Auxiliary and Boating Safety at U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, "The newly redesigned website has a fresh look that is aligned with our strategic partners' visions for what is important to the recreational boating public. This new design is our first enhancement in over five years."

The re-designed site gives users from manufacturers to boating safety partners to recreational boaters, a more easy-to-use, streamlined tool to rapidly find information and content they need with minimal keystrokes.

The three primary sections of the site focus on information with specific relevance to product manufacturers, boaters and boating safety partners. There are drop-down menus for product defects, regulations, statistics and safety recalls, and other divisions provide links to broader data selections, grant information, laws and image libraries on the site. Also available is information on the USCG’s Federal Advisory Committee, the National Boating Safety Advisory Council.

Said Boross, "The Coast Guard's Boating Safety website has long been one of the most heavily-visited websites in the United States for data and information concerning recreational boating safety. We strive for and will continue to provide a premier compendium of information assistance to the boating community."

Given the sheer volume of traffic that has historically visited the website on a daily basis, this re-design is guaranteed to benefit large number of users and administrators alike.

To view the new website and take advantage of all the new and improved features on the site, visit

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